BeRTOS maintains the same license which characterized it: modified GPL. Still we want to give to Windows users an added value in the form of an installer with autoconfiguration, which can be downloaded and tested also in Trial version.

Below you find a comparison between the different versions:

BeRTOS Source Code Yes Yes Yes
Wizard Source Code Yes Yes Yes
Community Support (Forum) Yes Yes Yes
Ready to use Wizard program
BeRTOS SDK includes the certified Wizard executable, ready to use since installation, no compilation is required.
  Yes Yes
AVR GCC Toolchain
The SDK includes the best Windows GCC toolchain for AVR, WinAVR, already integrated with the development environment and ready to use with BeRTOS.
  Yes Yes
ARM GCC Toolchain
The SDK includes the best Windows GCC toolchain for ARM, Sourcery G++, already integrated with the development environment and ready to use with BeRTOS.
  Yes Yes
Certified BeRTOS IDE
BeRTOS SDK includes CodeLite IDE, modified to feature complete support for BeRTOS development, including on-line help, flash and debug.
  Yes Yes
Auto-installing development environment
The easy to use installer will install automatically all the components needed to develop with BeRTOS (operating system, wizard, IDE, toolchain, debug support etc.). The best for anyone who doesn't want to waste time and isn't fond of command line!
  Yes Yes
Priority support
When buying the SDK, you will get an email premium support with guaranteed answer in 2 working days.
(30 days)
(1 year)
Auto-updating of SDK packages
BeRTOS SDK offers an automated tool to download and install updates, which will give you the latest available version of BeRTOS SDK (new modules, new toolchains and much more). To avoid problems, each existing project will continue to use the existing BeRTOS version and the same tools they were created with!
Project editing integrated in the IDE
You can use the wizard to configure a project after its creation: you will be able to activate new modules, configure the active ones, upgrade and downgrade BeRTOS version, change the toolchain and much more. Everything with a simple click on our IDE toolbar!
Chip flashing from the IDE
The IDE included with SDK has integrated support to program the target (flashing) with the compiled binary, choosing the programmer to use with an easy GUI.
On-chip debugging integrated with the IDE
Run a step-by-step debugger directly on your target, within the IDE; insert breakpoints, watchpoints and find out nasty bugs! (available on ARM processors)
New! USB PIDs assigned for your projects
Two unique PIDs assigned exclusively to you for your embedded projects. Develer has a signed agreement with USB-IF that allows this promotion.
Priority access to new developments
The new BeRTOS modules and libraries are available as technology preview to SDK users 6 months before going public into the free version.
  Free (GPL) 30-day trial 249€
  Download Download
(only for Windows)
(only for Windows)

Community Edition

Community edition is the complete BeRTOS version, with all the functionalities and source code available. It's released unde the modified GPL license, which means it's free, even for closed source or commercial projects.

Windows SDK

We have developed a new SDK for Windows, very useful to avoid losing time in configuring the whole working environment through the command line. In the new packet we have included, integrated and configured all the tools needed to start working with BeRTOS. See above for the complete feature list.

SDK Full Version:

Windows SDK for BeRTOS is a Develer product to automate the configuration of the working environment on Windows. The installer includes BeRTOS, the configuration Wizard, IDE integration (CodeLite) and AVR and ARM toolchains.

SDK users will be able to program the CPU, edit the projects directly from CodeLite interface and use the integrated debugger for ARM CPU's.

Currently, BeRTOS SDK supports the following programmers:


  • Atmel JTAG ICE mkI and mkII
  • Atmel STK200, STK500, STK600
  • Arduino bootloader (all versions)
  • Xilinx JTAG cable
  • USBasp
  • Lancos SI-Prog
  • Picoweb Programming Cable
  • Crossbow MIB510 programming board
  • programming cable


  • Segger JLink
  • Atmel SAM-ICE
  • Amontec JTAGkey
  • IAR J-Link
  • Stellaris Luminary Micro
  • Olimex ARM-USB-OCD

In addition you will have priority access to all BeRTOS developments. Such developments will be released later to the community.

All packets included into the SDK have a web auto update feature.

SDK 30-days Trial:

The new Windows SDK Trial version will be available for free download and will differ from Full version in some missing functionality (see above).